About Nat

There was once a girl who wanted to hear God’s voice, however as hard as she tried, she couldn’t hear him. But yet, deep down, she knew He loved her. So she decided to write down instances where God showed His love to her in a tangible manner. Maybe someday, she’ll see a pattern. She’ll see God speaking to her in each moment. 

While she never did analyse patterns, something beautiful happened. Journaling her walk with God helped to tune her ears to His voice, soon (ok, over time) she could hear Him in the wind, see Him in the stars, and feel His embrace.

She has grown since, and the original purposes of her blog has changed. But she is still chronicling her life. She is writing down each step. Because all her tumbles and detours will lead her to a place of blessing that will show the world God is real, just look at her life. 

She’ll let you know something: Nat is loved. And she needs to be reminded of that.