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Late for a friend&#8217;s pool birthday party and remembering this is your mantra. Ugh&#8230; Got to pop into Watsons to get a razor&#8230;

Late for a friend’s pool birthday party and remembering this is your mantra. Ugh… Got to pop into Watsons to get a razor…

Late for a friend&#8217;s pool birthday party and remembering this is your mantra. Ugh&#8230; Got to pop into Watsons to get a razor&#8230;

Late for a friend’s pool birthday party and remembering this is your mantra. Ugh… Got to pop into Watsons to get a razor…














Jamila Lyiscott: 3 ways to speak English

Stop what you’re doing and watch this. Especially if you have a problem with AAVE or broken English. 

Yes love!!!

This is wonderful



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I feel like the people who can’t relate in the audience look so awkward..

She deserves all the snaps


That was amazing and super good and she’s gorgeous lol

Go awf!


The No-Poo Challenge

I know several people who will roll their eyes and tell me to stop my “hippie nonsense” when they find out about my latest challenge.

No-poo, short for no shampoo, doesn’t mean I will stop washing my hair. It just literally means that I won’t be using shampoo to wash my hair.

I have tried this before, except I only used baking powder instead of pairing it with apple cider vinegar. I got lazy after awhile, because I had to make my own mixture. Using shampoo was a lot more convenient. Plus at that time, my hair stylist recommended I go for scalp treatment and use a particular shampoo.

I stopped treatment after awhile because it was expensive to keep going for it monthly, and the effects only lasted for a week.

My scalp is greasy and hair untamed. My scalp is also prone to itchiness when I am stressed which is all the time. In short, it is a nightmare.

I am tired of changing shampoos and having my hair feel like it is full of wax or oil. Residue build up is gross, and I wash my hair every day!

So I have decided to give no-poo a proper shot. There isn’t a fixed formula, because it varies with each person.

It is roughly mixing one part baking powder with two parts water. Massage that onto your scalp. Rinse.

Mix one part cider with two parts water. Rinse your hair with it. Rinse with water.

It feels different rinsing with the vinegar. My hair feels slightly less waxy. However now it smells just like that and I am not too fond of it.

So anyway, after that you have to let your scalp regulate itself and only use water to rinse your hair for a week. I will probably do it for 5 days, because Singapore is so humid.

I have read a few articles, but I found this the most helpful.

Hopefully it works and I will report back in a month. Looking forward to healthier hair and scalp.

Oh great, I am in my 20s

I am not sure if you were like me, but I bought this lie that my 20s will be a magical decade. 

All my childhood, I waited for that magical moment when I hit adulthood. I will be free, independent, successful, sophisticate and awesome.

No more teenage gawkiness. No more liking and doing stupid stuff I thought was cool. No more feeling depressed and aimless.

When I hit the big 2-0, I will have my shit together. I will be the “After” picture.

Well, my early twenties weren’t so bad. It was fun being studying in a different country and only being worried if I will pass my exams each semester. Every hurdle crossed was like completing a new game level with auto-save.

But then, I graduated uni and teenage-hood, and stepped in the adult world.

For the first time in my life, it hit me that if I failed, the whole game will restart. This wasn’t a game where I could pause and save. This game is online and in real time. If I make a wrong move, I could be dead.

I tried telling myself that I am still young and have plenty of time to do over. But every day, I read about success stories, I hear about friends of friends who made it. Each person younger than the other. I am no longer the girl genius.

Man, I am just 25! And I am feeling inadequate because some 17-year-old just sold an app he created for millions, while I am still earning a pittance for working my butts off. 

And then there is the pressure of having Asian parents. All their hopes and dreams that their offspring will be rich and successful - or at least marry one.

But here is their chubby, single daughter binge watching The Mindy Project while eating pretzels and chips, because any other physical activity is too tiring for her.

Where is my fabulous life? Where is my fulfilling job with lots of money? Where is my super cute boyfriend who is patient with all my whining?

Is there a refund on this scam? 

I bought this dream. And I wasn’t told that I had to work for any of it. Rock up with your proof of age and you get everything on a sliver platter.

It is hard. Where are my gold stars and merit award for doing great at my job? Why am I getting extra work and responsibilites instead? Where is my pay raise?

I actually have to go out to meet guys? What happened to conveniently meeting them at classes and various activities? It is such hard work to even download and swipe through Tinder. 

Halfway through this decade and it seems to go downhill every year. I am too afraid to even dream of what my 30s will be like. (Although people say it is a lot better, so maybe I should wait for that…)

But that is what all these “advice” does. Your life doesn’t get better by just waiting around. I have friends in their 30s who are still stuck in the same rut as me. 

Forget about all those passive dream achieving stories. There will be no prince cutting through walls of thorns or riding by to chance upon your coffin. Nobody is going to randomly call you and offer you your dream job. You are not that special and you will not get praised for simple tasks. 

The adult world is a scary place to navigate. You are competing with people more talented and experienced than you. You are going to get hurt a lot. You are going to learn that life isn’t fair. And you are doing to learn to deal with it. 

It seemed school life taught us the importance of grades. And I am finally catching up on a class school should have taught years ago. That life is not about chasing endless goals of meaningless success, but rather aiming to make the best of what you have to make the world a better place. That life may hand you nothing, and you have to go chase down what you want. That nothing ever comes by easy, and if it does, you should learn to appreciate it.

Life is just beginning when you are in your 20s. There is a lot to learn and unlearn. Those who said it will be easy are liars, but honestly, living in a world where I am more privileged than others, I should not complain so much.

x, nat